Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Robert Adams

You observe your body, you watch your body doing its thing, but you are not that. You never were the body and you will never be a body. You are pure awareness, the absolute reality. As you think about these things you become them. The worst thing you can do is think about troubles and worries. Always think about the heart. Always think about the Self, which is forever. If you think about anything else it is only temporary, it comes and goes. The good things, the bad things of this world, they come and go. Think only of the Self, the heart. This is your reality, beauty, joy. This is being-ness. This is the I-am that I-am.

Remember all the time it begins in the morning when you first open your eyes and get out of bed. That’s when you catch yourself. If your mind starts thinking about the work that you’re going to do and the problems of the day, catch yourself and change…make the change. Say to yourself, “I’m not my work. I’m not my thoughts that come to me. I’m beyond these things. I-am that, which has always been and will always be. That which remains the same forever. The substratum of all existence, the absolute reality, I-am that.” Just thinking about these things in the morning makes you feel wonderful.

Robert Adams Transcript 239
Take Refuge In Your Heart
15th April, 1993

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