Sunday, December 15, 2019

Pyramid of Fire (Aztec Codex)

"There is an occult energy in the heart that comes from Tonatiuh, the Sun, and if man releases it, returning it consciously to the sun, he becomes immortal.

But to liberate this energy, sacrifice is necessary. Man must sacrifice the desires and habits that he adores, sacrifice them in himself, and turn the knife against the enemy that he carries within himself, that keeps his heart a prisoner.

In recent times men still remembered these words, but they have now forgotten their significance. They have made enemies of other men to sacrifice them and take out their hearts, believing such offerings would propitiate Tonatiuh. Such is their degeneration, such is their superstition. When fear unites with knowledge, terrible things are done.

It is the self within ourselves that we have to sacrifice.

It is our own heart that has to be torn out of our false being and offered to the Light.

May Xiuhtecuhtli, Lord of Fire, burn my false being. May Itzli, Obsidian Knife, liberate my heart."

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