Wednesday, December 4, 2019

by Saṃsāran


by  Saṃsāran  Why Put a Human Face on God?

It is because we are still children.

No matter how old we get or how wise we still long for the security of the innocence of childhood. A time when things were certain and we were secure. A strong protective father. A kind and loving mother. We sense that something is there but our experience is limited. We only know human minds and human hearts.

Even those with the greatest faith still fear that there is nothing there. Innocents suffer. The guilty go free. It is all so unjust. So unfair that we should be abandoned. Alone in the face of evil and ill fortune.

We are children afraid of the dark. Yet, we still feel that something is out there. We feel this way because it is so. Someone, something is out there. Life as a process is just too improbable. This planet so attuned to life is just so unlikely. The universe itself should not exist as it does but it does exist.

Yes, there is a God/Goddess. However, it is a consciousness very different from ours. As different from ours as we are to a bacterium. So different that we cannot truly conceive of it. It is said that to see God is to go mad. Moses averted his eyes.

This is because we are only the most minute fraction of this God. Some tiny portion despite our marvelous brain. God is there but not at all as you have conceived of God. What the greatest of our mystics have seen is only a flat representation of a four dimensional geometry.

Just as a two dimensional being would see a cube as a square and a sphere as a circle we see only shadows and traces. God is there but where is there? There is here and there. Now and then. Up and down. Straight and crooked. Hot and cold. Light and dark. We can only see the flat shadow God casts upon the wall. It is not enough to say “God is everything”. This is true but there is more to the story. Much more.

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