Thursday, December 19, 2019

"Brahman is of the nature of truth, knowledge and infinity"

satyam jnanam anantam brahman
"Brahman is of the nature of truth, knowledge and infinity"

Thus, Brahman is the origin and end of all things, material or otherwise. Brahman is the root source and Divine Ground of everything that exists, and does not exist.

The Hindu scriptures declare that Brahman (the impersonal God) is beyond description, and can be understood only through direct spiritual experience. Nevertheless, for the benefit of others, the ancient Hindu sages who experienced Brahman attempted to describe their experiences, as recorded in the ancient Vedic texts known as the Upanishads.

Several mahā-vākyas, or great sayings, indicate what the principle of Brahman is:

rajnānam brahma
"Brahman is knowledge"

ayam ātmā brahma
"The Self (or the Soul) is Brahman"

aham brahmāsmi
"I am Brahman"

tat tvam asi
"You are that"

sarvam khalv idam brahma
"All this that we see in the world is Brahman"

sachchidānanda brahma
"Brahman is existence, consciousness, and happiness"
Thus, Brahman is conceived of as the very essence of existence and knowledge, which pervades the entire universe, including every living being. The goal of Hinduism is to somehow "wake up," and realize one's own connection to the divine reality that may be called Brahman or God. Because God is everywhere, God is also present within each living being.


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