Saturday, November 23, 2019

– Supreme Master Ching Hai

“Therefore, don’t keep asking me, “What now, Master? The planet is saved and you brought the power here already, so we don’t have to do anything.” You’re wrong! We still have to continue to meditate, to share some of our good energy to balance this negative force on this planet. And also have to do it so that we can influence others in a good way, and then spread the news so that they may be also awakened like you are. The job is not done. We just saved the planet, the world, so that people have more chances to continue, so that they can have a chance to wake up. But our job is just beginning. It’s always beginning. Until this world turns into a paradise and peaceful everywhere, our job’s not done. Until the animals are free from suffering and respected as individual beings from God, our job is not done.
"There are people still oppressed because they are poor, because they are black, because they are a different color, or because they are disabled, or because they are gay, or because they are lesbian, or because they are bisexual. Until they are free, until all of them are equally treated with respect and love, our job is not done.”
– Supreme Master Ching Hai

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