Friday, November 8, 2019

Rupert Spira

Suffering is to the mind what pain is to the body.
When you put your hand in the fire, you experience pain.
The pain is not a mistake, it’s not something that’s wrong.
The pain is the intelligence of the body, telling you:
take your hand out of the fire.
So pain is working on behalf of your wellbeing.
Suffering is exactly the same at the level of the mind.
It is cooperating with your desire for happiness.
It’s telling you, you’ve got your hand in the fire.
In this case suffering is telling you:
You have mistaken yourself for a seperate limited awareness.
Take a look.
That’s what suffering is. It’s a wakeup call.
It’s saying:
You have mistaken yourself for an object, a limited self.
Have another look!

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