Saturday, November 9, 2019

Robert Adams says...

"There is no-one on this earth who does anything. The whole universe is a puppet show. We're dancing the dance of Shiva. We think we're something important. But we're really nothing as we appear.

Your job is to observe to watch, to see what's going on and not to react to anything that is happening but to stay separate from the happenings.

To separate yourself from what is happening. What's happening is happening to the 'I', to the ego, not to you. Nothing can ever happen to you.

For your true nature is Brahman, absolute reality, pure awareness. This is what you really are whether you like it or not. Yes you are God whether you like it or not. Whether you care or you don't, you are God.

So what are you going to do about it. All you really have to do is to know who you are, to know yourself. Not intellectually, not physically, but consciously. When you see yourself consciously as God you will see the whole universe as your Self.

... Everything in this whole universe will become you. There will be no separation between you and your fellow man, the animals and the minerals and the flowers. It will all be one. They'll be you. You are that!"

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