Monday, November 18, 2019

Marcus Aurelius

Everything from the gods is full of Divinity – all the things that we have been given on earth. Even difficult events have a place in the whole. The Divine gifts are right here in our midst, joined together with invisible threads.

All things flow from the gods – all things in the universe, of which we are a part. If we were to learn just this, we would never again need books.

Remember how many moments you have been given, and how many are gone. Time is valuable – it should be used for the highest purpose. Every moment is an chance to clear the mind, and seek a state of calm.

Strive to do your work with feelings of peace – and give yourself freedom from all other thoughts. You deserve the freedom that a peaceful mind brings. If you seek only peace, you will see how easy it is to live a happy live – one that is like the life of the gods.

Meditations: Books One and Two

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