Monday, November 18, 2019

“ Franklin Merrell-Wollf "The Philosophy of Consciousness without an Object”

“The final thought before the breakthrough was the very clear realization that there was nothing to be attained. For attainment implied acquisition and that implied change in content of consciousness. But the goal is not change but detachment from content. Thus I am already that which I seek and therefore there is nothing to be sought. By the very seeking, I hide myself from myself. Therefore abandon the search and expect nothing. This was for me the end of the long search, I died and in the same instant was born again. Spontaneity took over in place of the old self-determined effort, after that I knew directly the consciousness reported by the mystics again and again.”

Image may contain: sky, nature and outdoor, text that says 'Find where the ego rises from and it will disappear. Papaji'

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