Saturday, October 12, 2019

Countless Paths: Which One to Choose?

Guru Nanak gives a peerless cure to this malady of confusion. He says it is worthless to wander in the crowd of countless paths. His solution:
Ju Tudh Bhave Sai Bhali Kaar
Tu Sada Salamat Nirankar

What pleases Thee, is goodness abound
Eternal and Immutable, only Thou are around
Guru Nanak says, “Thy will be done”. Whatever pleases you, O Lord, is best for me. I cannot choose for myself. I have no yardstick with which to determine as to what is right or what is wrong for me. The only way I know is that I surrender myself at thy feet with absolute conviction that in “Thy Will” whatever comes to pass is good for me and whatever does not come to pass is not good for me. In your will is my salvation. You are my protector; you are eternal, the formless, and the almighty.

Countless Paths: Which One to Choose?
      by Rajender Krishan

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