Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Avatamsaka Sutra - 264, 265

Even in inconceivably many billions of eons
An enlightened guide of the world is hard to meet;
The beings of this land are very fortunate
That now they can see their second Buddha.

The Buddha’s body emanates great light
With physical forms boundless and totally pure,
Filling all lands like clouds,
Everywhere extolling the Buddha’s virtues.

All illumined by the light rejoice,
Beings in distress are all relieved,
All are induced to respect and kindness:
This is the work of the Buddha’s power.

Producing inconceivable clouds of mystic displays,
Emanating network of lights of infinite colors
Filling all lands in the ten directions:
These are manifestations of Buddha’s mental powers.

From each hair pore appear clouds of light
Filling all space, emitting great sound:
All dark places are illumined,
Causing the pains of hell to disappear.

Buddha’s wondrous voice pervades everywhere,
Fully producing all sounds of speech,
According to the power of beings’ standing goodness:
This is a function of the Teacher’s mystic power.

Measureless, boundless, the oceans of assemblies:
Buddha appears within each one,
Expounding the inexhaustible truth for all of them,
Harmoniously pacifying sentient beings.

Buddha’s mystic powers have no end,
Appearing in every single land;
Such is the Buddha’s knowledge, unimpeded:
He attains enlightenment to benefit all beings.

You should all be joyful;
Dance, delight, and pay respect.
I will go with you there:
If one see the Buddha, all miseries will cease.

Arouse your minds to seek enightenment,
Kindly care for all living beings,
Abide by the great vows of universal goodness,
And you will attain freedom like the King of Truth.

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