Tuesday, October 15, 2019

[ALL IS SPACE ‘Brahman Supreme’ // ALL IS MOTION OF SPACE 'Shabda-Brahman]

..The Maitri Upanishad mentions two aspects of Brahman, the higher and the lower. The higher Brahman being the unmanifest Supreme Reality which is soundless and totally quiescent and restful, the lower being the Shabda-Brahman which manifests itself into the everchanging restless cosmos through the medium of sound vibrations. The Upanishad says that “Two Brahmans there are to be known: One as sound and the other as Brahman Supreme.” The process of manifestation is from soundless to sound, from noumenality to phenomenality, from perfect quiescence of "being” to the restlessness of “becoming”.. ’ (Sudhakar S.D, 1988. P83)

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