Saturday, September 28, 2019

Robert Adams

Most of us are stuck in a dream world. We're stuck in a dream world because it presses down on us. It appears so real.
Things are happening every day. Yet, one day you will awaken. It's the same as awakening from your dream at night.
There is no difference.

When you awaken to the dream at night, do you have any interest in the dream? You may for a while. If you're into dreams, you may try to decipher what the dream means, for a little bit. But after a while you forget all about the dream.
So it is with this world. When a person awakens, or a person becomes liberated, they are able to see the dream, but they know they are not part of it. They also observe everything, but they are not part of the dream. The world no longer has any power over them, over the awakened person, the liberated person.

The world has no power whatsoever over you once you're liberated.


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