Saturday, August 3, 2019

by Ganganath

While Jesus Christ’s exoteric teachings of love and forgiveness, as expressed in the Gospels, are simple to understand by the masses throughout the world, it is entirely possible that he reserved more esoteric teachings for his inner group of close disciples. Spiritual masters throughout all wisdom traditions, whether it be Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi or Taoist have agreed with Jesus’ pronouncement “Cast not ye pearls before swine.” The earth must be well tilled and found receptive before sowing the precious seeds of higher mystical knowledge.
The great Masters, who guide humanity’s spiritual evolution, dispense not only what is needed but also what can be assimilated at any particular time in history. Just as a teacher would not teach calculus to a third-grader, the high Masters gauge what level of teachings are appropriate for those who they are striving to uplift

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