Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Five Practices

Right Mindfulness
Do not think about the past or future. Do not day-dream. Be mindful, focus,pay attention to what is happening right here right now. As best as you can enjoy the moment.

Right Understanding
Remember that everything we perceive, everything we see, hear, touch or smell is part of the whole Universe. Everything is a manifestation of the Divine, known as the Dharmakaya in Buddhism and personified as Amida Buddha. Everything we perceive is Amida Buddha. We are surrounded by Amida and never separated from the Divine. This includes other people and ourselves also - we are all Amida Buddha.

Right Thought
Everything happens according to Destiny. The will of the Universe is played out. There is a grand plan for everything which is ordained by the Divine with wisdom and compassion. We should bear this in mind and submit to the Divine Dharmakaya.

Right Effort
From right und

erstanding and thinking comes contentment, but effort must be made to cultivate contentment. We must remember that desire is the cause of suffering, while contentment is the greatest wealth. We should try to control and limit our desires. Be content be happy.

Right Concentration
Right concentration is mental stillness. It is a quiet mind. A direct result of contentment and submission. A mind that does not over-think, worry or imagine.

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