Monday, May 20, 2019


Sufism is often described as a path, suggesting both an origin and a destination. The aim of Sufism is the elimination of all veils between the individual and God. Traveling this path, one can acquire knowledge of Reality. God is the ultimate reality, not this phenomenal world of multiplicity.

To understand Sufism, we must understand mysticism. The Greek root myein, "to close the eyes," is also the root of "mystery"; the mystic’s goal is not to be reached by the intellect or by ordinary means. Fundamentally, mysticism is love of the Absolute, the One Reality, also called Truth, Love, or God. According to Sarraj’s classic definition of Sufism, "The Sufis are people who prefer God to everything and God prefers them to everything else."

James Fadiman and Robert Frager,
Essential Sufism, Part 1

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