Thursday, May 2, 2019

Sant Mat

Nothing to attain,it’s already there!
The ideas regarding turning back to our own source are not the
invention of the author of this book, but are to be found in the
teachings of the saints and sages. Here are some quotes from the
various saints and sages who refer to the idea of “turning back”
Sant Kabir says:
By withdrawing (from the sense organs) and becoming
absorbed in one’s own self the infinite light dawns and
Turn inward and move forward by gathering your
dispersed mind…
When the water of a vessel (individual soul) merges
back into the river (Inner Being; God) then we call
this the state of supreme wisdom.

Guru Nanak Dev says:
[Beholding] the inverted lotus which is full of nectar
[indicating the joyous experiences within], now my
mind goes not elsewhere.
Sant Gulal Sahab also advises to go inward:
Go inward and see the light permeating within…
Sant Tulsi Sahab says:
Turn inward and fly to the greatest heights, and
leaving the various realms of existence unite your soul
with the Divine.

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