Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Pure love without an object

Pure love without an object is identical to consciousness without an object,this state of being has been referred to as Moshka or Nirvana.A timeless realization because it is way beyond time AND space, This is eternal Brahman,the ONE without a second.The underling substratum of the visible and invisable Universe.And it can truly be tasted as a nektar or ambrosia in a very real physical way.I realize I am getting ahead of myself here but I want to impress this upon you: That the Kingdom of Heaven IS inside of you and is worth any effort or cost it takes you to get back a hundred fold.As I’m sure most of you know,Sri RamaKrishna explored many religious paths and was blessed with many blissful experiences at most of them.My humble opinion leaves me to believe that ANY path can lead you back to your own soul. For me the one real take home in all of this is:I am eternal,the old “Knowledge through identity” Paradigm,God/Brahman is either known directly or not at all.
Agartha Zen

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