Saturday, May 18, 2019

Karma Yoga

Give up the desires of your heart. You are what you are in this world: knowing this, sport in this world. In the very presence of the Self all activities take place in this world, just as in the very presence of a lamp there is light. The lamp has no intention to shine: even so, the Self does not intend to do anything and yet everything happens in its very presence.

You may adopt one or other of the two attitudes:

(1) I am the omnipresent being that does nothing, or,

(2) I am the doer of all actions in this world.

In both cases you will arrive at the same state of perfect equanimity, which is immortality. You will be free from likes and dislikes, attraction and aversion. You will be rid of foolish feelings like “Someone served me”, or “Someone else hurt me”.

Hence, O Rama, you may feel, “I am not the doer, I do not exist” or “I am the doer, and I am everything”: or enquire into the nature of the Self (‘Who am I’?) and realise “I am not any of this that is attributed to me”.

Rest established in the Self which is the highest state of consciousness, in which the best among the holy men who know of this state ever dwell.

~Yoga Vasistha

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