Sunday, May 19, 2019


So, who can keep quiet now, just for one instant? No one has ever kept quiet, whosoever he may be. So do it now and see that in this instant there is no thought, no time, no past. This moment is free from all past moments. When the past is gone, there is neither a future nor a present. You are out of time and you have always been out of time. This is your true nature and that is why you want to return to that transcendental, timeless consciousness which is called Beyond or Emptiness. That is your nature, you see. That is why you have been spending millions of years hunting It. You have not found It so far because you have been begging for other things which you feel you need. When you make any effort to get something, you are just wasting your time. You are now here to get rid of this false notion of effort. In this instant, don't think, don't stir the mind, don't make any effort. This instant is your own fundamental peace, happiness, love, beauty, joy."

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