Monday, May 13, 2019

Guru Nanak

This is what Guru Nanak says that in every situation of our lives, we have to keep His remembrance alive. We have to be aware of Him at all times.
Else, the frenzy of ritualistic worship is like the streams and rivers that keep flowing to eventually merge into the ocean, yet do not know the ocean or like the kings and emperors possessing vast treasures, yet without His remembrance in their conscience are miserable with insecurities. Indeed, they do not even equate the miniscule ant that retains the remembrance of God.
We all, like rivers and streams, flow into God every living moment. Our vital life force, our breath, inhales and exhales constantly, without volition. During this flow, if we are aware or conscious of the remembrance of God the Creator then we are in a state of gratitude and thanksgiving. If not, then our entire search for God through praise and worship is futile.

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