Friday, May 3, 2019

– from Ramakrishna The Nectar of Eternal Bliss

“Perform your duties in an unselfish spirit. Always try to perform your duties without desiring any result. All, without exception, perform work. Even to chant the name and glories of God is work, as is the meditation of the non-dualist on ‘I am He’. Breathing is also an activity. There is no way of renouncing work altogether. So do your work, but surrender the result to God.” – Paramahansa Ramakrishna
Devotee: You mean we can do the work of the world and also contemplate God?
Ramakrishna: Yes, you will do them both. You have to perform the work of the world, but from time to time go into solitude and pray that you can perform those activities without personal desire. Then you will say, “Hey, God, reduce my worldly desires because when I see that there is so much work in front of me, I forget you. I think that I am acting selflessly, but I actually have lots of desires.” If you are pursuing name, gain, and fame, you cannot be free from desire.

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