Monday, April 29, 2019

You Are What You Seek

When there is no “person” the Self is realised. When there is no “person” the question of coming and going cannot arise. The body is an appearance in the Self. When the body disappears the Self remains as it always was and is. Realisation is the understanding “I am not this body which comes and goes, I am that permanent, unchanging reality in which the body and all else appears”.
“The scriptures speak of three Holy rivers Within.
These are Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss.
Being beyond thought or effort
they cannot be objectified or subjectified.
They are so dear, so near, behind the retina and before the breath.
You need not see This, you are it.”
May all who come in search for Truth come swiftly to the full realisation of the timeless Self.
May you all expand in wisdom, loving kindness and openness.
And may all who meet you be touched and inspired by your peace, silence, wisdom and Grace.
May you never be overwhelmed by sorrow or ignorance but expand into the power and light of the Self wherever you find yourself.
Hold this inside your Heart: this life is for Freedom.
Remember also that you can be without the psychological mind, but the psychological mind cannot be without you.
Judge which is the greater and make your stand in that.
The recognition of the Self does not need to be a lifetime practise.
Use your light to expose the fickleness and transience of the mind. Recognize each time your true position as the witness of the mind.
Don’t imagine you are an object in consciousness.
You must be also behind consciousness.
You are also the witness of consciousness.
This conviction will develop in it’s fullness.
Know that the whole universe supports your liberation.
Pay attention to that silence within you.
It does not belong to anyone.
It is not anyone’s territory.
It is the infinite space of the Self.
It is your space.
It is what you are.
It is our Home.
Love and light,

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