Monday, April 29, 2019

Extra-Terrestrial Divine Visualization

Experience of a Siddha Yoga practitioners
Extra-Terrestrial Divine Visualization
I was moving around in the hospital veranda, suddenly I entered in to the meditation state.
Creations like clouds of smoke were moving around, when I saw carefully, they were the Galaxies spread in the Universe, in which there are countless stars, among those stars, our tiny Sun, and revolving around which were the small planets, and one among them was our Earth, which is a very small one in that Universe, when I moved forward, then was the forest, Water, on that Earth, like as we see in the Globe, almost like that.
Suddenly a thought came that, in this entire Universe, what existence we have, that we are fighting among ourselves, for small-small pieces of this Land, some time for the Kashmir, or sometime for the Arunachal, what’s all this, it’s nothing, at that moment I visualized Gurudev and saw that the whole Universe is within the thumb of Gurudev’s foot.
Immediately I asked Gurudev that, oh Gurudev, where am I? At that moment, a thought came that, leave ‘yours-mine’ and think the whole Universe to be yours, and believe that everything is yours, and you are everyone’s, then your condition, duties, and rights, will become clarified by themselves, and I came out of meditation state.
Through this letter, it’s a request to Gurudev, that, make the people of this World to understand this thing in detail. Gurudev, I have understood that you are the doer.
—Ghanshyam Panwar.
Kota, Rajasthan, India

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