Thursday, February 1, 2024

Maitreyi's world

You are universal consciousness, impersonal and anonymous that has also the aptitude to manifests in various forms .. please try to understand that individuality , should be beauty in it.

I know all said we need to liberate . Yes is true , but what if that mumukshutva, that desire of liberation is only a prerogative of the bounded one. What if you do not treat yourself as in need of liberation and only contemplate all these forms, all this manifested world , that are nothing else that you , yourself , peacefully without any desire to be free , only with a wonder inside you, as you look to a miracle appear from no where. What if our scope here is to simply contemplate all is coming , observing all these changes , all these forms and their transformations that are exterior to you , yourself.

What if your consciousness ability shows infinitely possibilities of being and you just witness them , enjoying the beauty and perfection.


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