Thursday, February 1, 2024

By Mauna

To live totally in the present moment, one has to disregard all attachments to images and ideas about what is perceived. And that can be experienced in complete inner silence, un-stirred by any movement. By grace. 

There is a very big difference in riding the waves of an ocean and drowning in them. Awareness vs awareness of. 

Consciously attending within the subject of awareness beyond judgement. 

Free the one in front of you from your projections upon them. Then you can have a true relationship with room for love. Are you really listening to another when your mind is busy shattering and making  judgements? If you don’t have silence within, how can you hear another? 

To create a bond of love with the world, you have to build a strong bridge. Every moment you have to find yourself walking upon it with fresh eyes. To abide on that bridge, you need to become a good architect, you need to find the right foundation to build upon. For an iron bridge, you need iron, and for a love bridge, you need love. You are the foundation and you are the bridge. One must turn inward and return to the place of silence and solitude, if even for just a second! Once you have a reference point to your ocean, you will learn by always returning, to ride the waves. It is a mastery of love. 


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