Thursday, August 11, 2022

~The Mystical Lion reprinted with permission

 Death is overwhelming to the mind, to the ego-self, to the history that dies like the body, to the story that dies with this “individual” you. The fear of loss is directly proportional to the degree of holding on, but holding on is futile. So we might as well learn to let go now, while it’s still a “choice.”

In Truth you are of the same Essence as everything, and that Essence never dies. Life and death are merely expressions we use to describe the process by which this Essence changes forms. And you can come to feel and taste this for yourself. It involves a lot of work and discipline, and it involves facing your deepest shadows and fears and pain. But isn’t it better to learn how to let go now, while you still can, before it’s abruptly ripped away? It doesn’t mean you “give up” on life, just that you give up the illusion that it’s not going to end soon, and you start to understand exactly what that means, and you learn to move from that place.

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